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Welcome to our new internet gallery www.obrazylevne.cz. This gallery has been launched in the fall of the year 2008 as a reaction to demand for cheaper but still high-quality interior images. The philosophy we promote and strictly follow is to offer quality and originality. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that the artwork we offer here is not meant to be on the same level as the images and pictures printed in great series and sold in large department stores. It is not our credo to compete with them. Mainly, we try to draw your attention by imaginative graphics and pictures and at the same time stay on certain price level. Hand woven canvas was exchanged for machine woven one, which is as well suitable for printing and fastening on the frame. This alternative allowed us to lower the production costs dramatically and offer these images to public for acceptable prices. The printing quality and the whole production process are being monitored until the expedition itself which practically eliminates possible deficiencies.

Incredible price, originality, modern design and high quality are means that bring us good reputation and becomes aesthetical component in many homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. And what about giving our artwork as unusual present? It surely delights everyone. We wish you many enjoyable moments with our images.

Ševeček & Denk

Project managers